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Imagine… you are in a beautiful candlelit room, you are resting peacefully on your birth companion’s shoulder. It is quiet, peaceful. You are totally relaxed!

Imagine… as a new surge arrives, you are calm and in control. The surge rises and passes like the ocean swell and you see yourself riding this beautifully rounded wave with ease. You are confident and calm.

As the time approaches to meet your baby, you listen to your body as it knows exactly what to do. You surrender. You follow its lead. You guide your baby safely out to the world.

You are calm and relaxed, your baby is calm and relaxed.



This is Hypnobirthing! A calm and positive way to approach and prepare for your birth, no matter how it unfolds.

“Hypnobirthing isn’t all about hypnosis, I like to call it a fancy name for positive birth”

– Melissa Splisted – Director of Hypnobirthing Australia™ and Hypnobubs™

Hypnobirthing is a Complementary Therapy for Labour and Birth program (CTLB) based on the philosophy that birth is a normal, natural physiological function of the body.

The theory is that by having a good understanding of how the body works during pregnancy and childbirth, how fear disrupts this natural process and what you can do to eliminate these fears and tensions, you can experience a positive and comfortable birth.

During our classes, you and your birth partner will be taught how to cultivate the right mindset and given tools and strategies such as self-hypnosis, breathing and relaxation to facilitate the best outcome possible for you and your baby.

Hypnobirthing will also help your birth partner to understand the birth physiology and how it affects you. Your birth partner will be empowered to take a very important supporting role in your birthing journey. Your birth companion will be the rockstar who’ll have your back every step of the way! 

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“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

– Barbara Katz Rothman

Hypnobirthing Australia™ program is designed to assist every birthing mother who wishes to be well prepared for childbirth and desires a positive and comfortable birth.

Who can benefit from our Hypnobirthing Workshops?

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Hypnobirthing Australia™ Program is a  12h course. The program has numerous variations designed to cater for special circumstances and birth preferences.

  • Natural birth
  • Caesarian Birth
  • Twin Birth
  • Change of Circumstances
  • Indigenous Program

We are also facilitating access to the course for birthing mums who have challenges attending face to face training.

  • Working shifts or long hours
  • Birth partner is working remotely
  • Familly who have limited support and cannot have their children looked after
  • Medical issues
  • or any other issues

If for any reasons, you cannot attend a class physically, please let us know during your discovery session and we will find a suitable option tailored to your needs. We’ve got you!

When should you book your class?

You can attend our classes and workshops anytime during your pregnancy, although we recommend that you attend the course between 20 and 33 weeks. This will give you and your birth partner plenty of time to practice.

It can happen that some gorgeous mamas-to-be stumble upon our course late in their pregnancy! Is this you?

Or maybe, you are earlier in your pregnancy and feeling anxious about your pregnancy or birth?

If so, please do not worry! We’ve got you covered! Tell us all about your circumstances during your discovery session and we will provide you will a solution that fits your needs.

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 5 Underrated Tips Guaranteed To Help You Avoid Childbirth Nightmares

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“There is a power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it. It simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it”

– Sheryl Feldman

Complementary therapies for Labour and Birth program such as the Hypnobirthing Australia course have been scientifically proven to lower the risk of interventions and C-sections for women with low-risk pregnancy and decrease the need for pain relief during labour.   You can read the full study results of the research conducted by Kate Levett, C A Smith, A Bensoussan and H G Dahlen here)

Hypnobirthing is a collection of tools, techniques and knowledge designed to prepare our birthing mothers for a calm and positive birth.

The “hypno” part of the program refers to Hypnotherapy. You will learn self-hypnosis as one of the tools to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation during pregnancy and birth.

Research has shown many benefits to having a calm and relaxed birth and the use of self-hypnosis during labour should lead to:

  • More comfortable labour by decreasing or eliminating pain

  • Reported and observed increase of ease and comfort during labour and birth

  • Decrease of the length of labour

  • Lower caesarian section rates

  • Decrease of pain relief medication usage

  • Higher emotional satisfaction

  • Higher breastfeeding success rate

  • Reported and observed calmer and more settled baby at birth

If you are interested in the science behind the program, Hypnobirthing Autralia™‘s website has detailed information about the research. Read more 

What will you learn?


As soon as you are pregnant, it is almost impossible to stop people telling you about their horrific birth experience, and if they don’t have one of their own, they will tell you about someone else’s story. We just can’t escape it!


Your body and your baby work very well together to give birth.

Stories like these, which most often comes from well-meaning people, have the potential to make us doubt our ability to birth, creating a lot of anxiety and fear around your pregnancy and birth.

During our hypnobirthing class, you will learn that your body and your baby work very well together to give birth. Your body is designed to do this.


You and your birth companion will learn powerful tools to help you get in a relaxed state during pregnancy, birth and beyond. You will find these tools useful for life!

During the course, you will learn about the normal process of birth and in the event where your journey deviates from this normal process, you will have enough coping strategies to meet any turns your birth may take with calm and serenity.

I invite you to watch these 2 videos. They are both great testimonials of what is possible when you are well-prepared and have the right support around you.


In the video below, Hypnomum Shari shares her beautiful home birth with you. You can have the same calm birth in hospital or birth centre if this is your preference.


Above is Ella and Jason’s story.

These first-time parents tell us about their beautiful, calm and positive and accidental home birth using hypnobirthing!

In a nutshell, we like to refer to our teaching as a recipe for a great birth,
where the main ingredients are:

  • Knowledge (is power)
  • Tools (to stay calm)
  • Support (partners and caregivers)
  • Preparation (of the mind and the body)

If you wish to read the full course outline,
book your discovery session below.
you will receive all this information at the time of our call.

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 Discover How You Can Prepare For The Positive & Comfortable Birth You Dreamed Of!

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The Hypnobirthing Australia™ / Hypnobubs™ program is one of the fastest growing childbirth program in the world. It was created by a mum, Melissa Splisted for mums.

Melissa’s dream has always been to provide high quality, positive childbirth education for birthing mums in Australia and New-Zealand. The program has been so popular that they are now assisting birthing parents Worldwide. Melissa hand-picks and personally trains all practitioners to ensure the program is delivered to the highest standard.

The practice materials are modern, relevant and current and the content is always evidence-based information delivered in a way that is fun, informative and engaging.



But most of all, Hypnobirthing Australia™ and Rockin’ Birth share strong common values:

  • Birth can and should be a positive event regardless of circumstances or birth preferences
  • Provide unbiased childbirth education to assist birthing mothers to empower themselves and make informed decision
  • Provide a non-judgemental and safe space for parents to talk and express their wishes for their birth
At Rockin’ Birth, we understand how powerful birth is and how it affects women, their baby and their entourage.

Birth can, and should be, a positive experience – one that you will always cherish!

Our Mission is to give you access to up-to-date, evidence-based and independent childbirth education so you can prepare for a birth you will love no matter how it unfolds.

We are committed to honouring our birthing mothers, respecting their journey and choices while offering the support they need from us.

Are You Ready to Rock Your Birth?


Birth can, and should be, a positive experience – one that you will always cherish!

My mission is to give you access to up-to-date, evidence-based and independent childbirth education so you can prepare for a birth you will love just the way it unfolds.